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Fibroid Treatment in Chicago, Illinois

What are fibroids?

Fibroids (also called myomas or leiomyomas) are benign tumors (growths) of the uterine muscle. At least 40% of women have fibroids, which is the #1 reason that women undergo hysterectomy.


Symptoms can be pressure, pain, inability to have intercourse, heavy menstrual bleeding leading to anemia, abdominal bloating, or inability to have intercourse.


Medications - systemic hormones, such as oral contraceptives, injected progesterone, or a hormone that causes a temporary menopause (GnRH agonist)

Uterine artery embolization - a radiology procedure in which a catheter is passed at the groin into the femoral artery up into the uterine artery and material to block the uterine blood flow is placed causing shrinkage of the fibroids. 

Surgical options include:

  • myomectomy (removal of the fibroids with uterine preservation), or
  • hysterectomy (partial or full removal of the uterus). 

Even with a very large fibroid uterus, the gynecologists at WHII can accomplish myomectomy or hysterectomy in a minimally invasive approach (vaginally, laparoscopically, or robotically).

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